This is not a comprehensive compendium of my x-files fanfic.  I have chosen not to include certain stories for various reasons (many were simply written when I was too young -- I was 14 years old when the first season of the X-Files aired and 18 when I wrote my first story. Ten years of post-secondary education later, most of the fanfic I've written makes me shudder).  If you want to find all of my stories (even the shudder inducing ones), they are all archived on Gossamer.

NC-17, 51K
Sappy and a touch overwrought, but i have a soft spot for portions of this one.

Strong R, 353 K
My first "novel length;" there's stuff in here that I'd revise at this point, but I truly enjoyed writing this story and the wonderful friends I made after it was posted.  I also think that the underlying message remains as important to me now as was it was when I first wrote this.

NC-17, roughly 900 K !
It took me over 8 years to finish this story.  I began it before completing my BA and finished it in the midst of graduate work and teaching freshman comp.  Needless to say, my "skills" (grammar, style, etc...) evolved during that time.  But this was the story that demanded to be finished, despite the fact that I had long ago left fandom behind (or so I thought), and I'm pleased with the final result.

PG, 33 K
This one was published in a UK printed fanzine, which was kind of a cool experience for me.