A sequel to "The Last Gift."
 The author feels it is her duty to note that this is her "happy fic."  Translation - I wrote "The Last Gift" during that wonderful time known as post-Redux II euphoria.  No Emily.  No Diana.  No Spudner.  No Kersh.  Ahhh... the good ol' days.  The sequel reflects that frame of mind.  Of couse, it's not Mulder and Scully skipping merrily through the daisies, either, but if you want to read my version of angst, go over and find "Complicity."  This story is serving as my much needed buffer against all the painful emotions that story continues to generate.  Now, I'm going back and forth.  When I get too much angst, I take a "happy" break, and when I feel the need to tackle some demons, I go work on "Complicity."  It's a system that's working out well, so far.
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