The title of this page is, perhaps, misleading.  The word "progress" is defined by Oxford's American Dictionary as "forward or onward movement" or "an advance or development, especially to a better state."  Some of these stories are definitely not experiencing rapid forward movement, and I'm not sure if you'd call my constant revisions "a better state."  Nonetheless, these are the unfinished stories, with status (or lack of status) indicated along with the summary.
- a journey through the shadows of guilt, regret, and responsibility, 
as a horrific case file teaches our heroes about the fragility of trust 
and the cost of a promise broken. 
- NC-17 for violence, content, and language 
status: ongoing and moving (albeit sometimes slowly) towards an 
inevitable and preordained conclusion. 
Just past the 250K mark at present.
To See the Stars 
- the paths that are inescapable and the roles we are somehow 
destined to play (a sequel to "The Last Gift"). 
- Strong R for violence, content, and language 
status: stalled, until... who knows when?
and coming soon (I hope) 
- who or what do you trust when your memories are not your own? 
- NC-17 for content and language 
status: outlined and ready to go - NOT novel length -
but waiting on the back burner while I work on "Complicity"