ummm... so it's been a little while. <g>  I have many excuses to offer, but I'll stick with the 
most valid -- my computer died.  utterly.  apparently, a pin in the hard drive snapped off (who 
knew that could happen!) and the entire thing (the screen was already shot) had to be 
chucked.  i gave it to a computer friend who took it apart for parts.  it took several months to 
aquire a new computer, because i am a poor student.  unfortunately, i lost the most recent 
chapter of Complicity, along with a twenty page outline for the story.  luckily, i've been writing 
the damn thing for so long that i have the outline committed to memory by now.  i had to rely 
only on what was on my web page to start again.
the good news -- i love my new computer!  my last one was so
old it had become a pain in the ass to work with.  my new computer
is an ibook.  i decided, after the last of many computer fiascos, never 
to purchase a windows run system again.  i had forgotten how much
i love working on a computer.
       so, i am picking Complicity up again.   there are 4 new chapters
posted, with more to come.  i don't know what the on-line commmunity 
is like anymore.  i've stopped watching the show.  however, i am 
invested in this story, and i would still like to participate on-line, so 
we'll see what happens.  when it's done, this story should end up at 
roughly 700K -- amazing!!

more soon, i promise.
- morgan