Abandoning the past in search of
the future.  My first story of any length.
Not a particular favorite.
PG-13 110K
The physical in its purest form is  merely
an expression of the complexities of
time.  I like this one.
R   55K
A journey through the shadows of
guilt, regret, and responsibility.
 A work in progress.
NC-17   250K at present
A man and a desperate prayer for
salvation.  An old one I still like.
PG   36K
The realization of fate.  My very first
story.  A bit high on the sap factor.
G   12K
The resurrection of hope.  Novel
length. Nominated for a spooky
for best long story.
Strong R   310K
The journey towards the dawn.
Winner CyberGrrlz Best Sci-Fi/Fanfic
PG  14K
Sometimes the future can be
decided in an instant.
PG   16K
Time does not heal all wounds.
Another oldie.
PG   12K

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