will anyone actually read this...
probably not, but i feel the need to disclaim my theivery, so here we go --

index page:
-- the image of the forest is taken from a Gustav Klimt painting, "beech forest," or something to that effect.
-- the poem, famous enough, is a fragment from Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."
          the woods are lovely, dark and deep,
          but I have promises to keep,
          and miles to go before i sleep,
          and miles to go before i sleep.
I always felt this poem was about death or suicide more than a simple pause in a man's winter journey?
Maybe I'm being too morbid, though.

new page:
-- the image, again, is Gustav Klimt.  "Music" this time.

links page:
-- again (anyone noticing a theme here?) the image is from Klimt -- "Water Serpents."  For these stolen
images I am indebted to the wonderful on-line art gallery housed at http://sunsite.dk/cgfa/fineart.htm

stories page:
-- the image is mine, sort of.  i don't have a clue who took the original photograph.
-- the poem is by ee cummings

links to all web pages from where i have obtained miscellaneous graphics (like the background for this
page) can be found on my links page -- as if anyone actually cares.  all image manipulation is my own
doing, with assistance from the folks at adobe photoshop.