Rebirth II

Nighttime thunders across the sky
with its minions of diamond-cut warriors
slicing distant victories of light
in the midst of all this
sweeping, swelling, swallowing black.
I lie awake under a starlight-roiling sky,
feeling the sand-stinging burn of
distant desert winds,
the teeth of a foreign, ice-creeping chill,
the glow of orange, ember-flailing firelight
upon age-roughened cheeks,
the hunger pangs of a small child abandoned…
Black velvet, crushing night.
Cool this wind upon my skin,
as I walk the grass of far away plains,
dreaming of other lives lived
(those prisms of life and light burning slowly.)
all of this,
thinking of you.

I had forgotten.
What have you done?

Anger burned,
with it pillars of pale, blue flame,
across the landscape of my everything.
All-consuming dedication to fury;
I sacrificed myself to it,
martyred myself to solitude.
the moon rises,
vague and cool in her glory.
I am alone in the night without you,
missing (somehow) the
terrible silence you've stolen from me,
terrified of, powerless against,
your ferocious, emerging splendor.