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What's New at the XPFRS!

-A new story and poem added to members' work/viewers choice. 6/19/98
-I re-did the layout to, M.C. Akimoto's Fan Fic Page. Take a look, will you? 6/23/98
-Read an article concerning Diana Fowley on the rumors page. 6/23/98
-New featured pictures of the week in the photo gallery. 6/23/98
-This page isn't going to be updated for about a week--want to know why? 6/23/98
-I'm back from Vegas. 6/30/98
-Added a new author link. 6/30/98
-There's a new featured fan fic in the literary vault. 7/1/98
-I've revised M.C. Akimoto's interview if anyone wants to read it. 7/1/98
-A new shipper link has been added. 7/4/98
-A huge member works/viewers choice archive update of fan fiction. 7/4/98
-New weekly thing--it's the weekly discussion question posted in the interactive section. More about it here, along with some other stuff pertaining to the page. 7/4/98

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